Focal launches a new line of High-End Headphones

Focal launches a new line of High-End Headphones

Focal, the French loudspeaker manufacturer renowned for its exclusive speaker driver technology, is unveiling three new models of headphones. They bring major innovation in acoustic components and mechanical design. Initiated four years ago, this huge project has now given life to three new premium headphones, the Listen, Elear and Utopia.

The products combine exclusive technology, remarkable audio performance and the brand’s own design codes. This month also sees the inauguration of Focal’s new production line at its site in Saint-Etienne, France which will be entirely dedicated to manufacturing Elear and Utopia headphones.

The headphones look really nice for a start. I saw the Sopra No. 3 a few weeks ago and certainly Focal are going places, with their tie up with Naim. The Focal Utopia are clearly their class leading product, open backed

Focal Elear

Focal Elear

Focal Listen

Focal Listen

and focussed on comfort and pure quality with new technology to the fore. The Elear include the same technologies from the Utopias. Both the the Focal Utopia and Elear come with 4 meters of cable so the cable must be good stuff. The Focal Listen are a mobile product, closed back and foldable.


Available: September/October 2016

UK Prices:

Utopia £3250

Elear £800

Listen £150

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