HF&MS Best Ever – Moor Amps Angel 6

HF&MS Best Ever – Moor Amps Angel 6

Having inaugurated an awards season for 2022, it seemed appropriate to acknowledge some key pieces of HiFi equipment that have passed through HF&MS over the preceding nine years. There have been just three ‘Night and Day’ moments over this period. These experiences are usually unexpected and simply tangible, where you just think; ‘blimey, this is really really good!’

Two of these three moments are acknowledged here with a Best Ever award this week. The first HF&MS Best Ever award goes to the Moor Amps Angel 6 power amplifier. 150 Watts per channel of high current, low feedback perfection. Reviewed in October 2021, the Angel 6 was so good HF&MS purchased one straight away, with the Angel preamplifier, and has built the review reference system around this musical, dynamic and effortless amplifier.

Congratulations, and thank you, to Moor Amps for their Angels, in particular the Angel 6, and on an HF&MS Best Ever award.


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