Whittlebury 2024 Show – highlights

Whittlebury 2024 Show – highlights

Whittlebury 2024 Show

Stratton Elypsis 1512 in Vertere’s Room

An excellent HiFi Show this weekend at Whittlebury Hall, near Silverstone.  There was an easy-going vibe on Saturday afternoon with some excellent rooms and systems on display.  Here are some of my highlights.


Whittlebury is known as the Audio Show Deluxe and last year’s show featured the launch of the incredible Stratton Acoustics Elypsis 1512 loudspeakers.  They were featured in our walkthrough video last year.  This year Stratton launched a new loudspeaker, The Element and it was on display in Vertere’s Room.   Vertere has recently launched their new range of cartridges and this room was a real highlight of the show.  Congratulations to Touraj, and his team.

Decent Audio featuring the Raidho Acoustics TD2.2

Cyrus Audio – Audio Physic – Atlas

Cyrus Audio continue its 40th Anniversary tour showing the new TTP turntable with their new Classic Phono Stage that has superseded the very popular Phono Signature.  The room was cabled by Atlas Cables (the Mavros range) and Audio Physic provided the loudspeakers.  It was a good sound too.  Note The Chromatics album on the turntable is ready to go!

Decent Audio

With all respect to the other rooms, my best-sounding room was presented by Decent Audio, featuring the very impressive Raidho Acoustics TD2.2 loudspeakers, at £39,500 a pair.  It is the Audio Show Deluxe after all!  I wasn’t paying attention to the amplification, such was the sound from the Raidho.  A special mention here to Decent Audio for being brave enough to play Insomnia (Monster Mix) by Faithless.  One of the advantages of the Whittlebury 2024 Show is that the rooms have more room to breathe and this room was a good example of this.  On this note, here is my Whittlebury Playlist on Qobuz.

Auden Distribution

Auden’s larger room again was a sanctuary, notwithstanding the huge EgglestonWorks Viginti loudspeakers, the beautiful Hegel P30A preamplifier and the H30A mono

Whittlebury 2024 Show

The Luphonic H2 has a puck to alter the speed.

power amplifiers. Also in the room was the brilliant Luphonic turntable with a clever puck to alter the speed.  It looked good too.


It is the Audio Show Deluxe when the loudspeaker is taller than the reporter! KEF had the £180,000 a pair Muon loudspeakers on show this year instead of the LS60s!! Even the polished aluminium Muon loudspeakers feature the Uni-Q that I have in my own humble R 700s.  The Muon is strictly limited edition, there are only three pairs left for sale!

Look out for the Walkthrough Video on our YouTube channel. Here’s last year’s walkthrough too.  Please like and subscribe if you like the video to support the Channel and Site.

KEF Muon loudspeakers



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