Classé Delta PRE Mk II preamplifier upgrades

Classé Delta PRE Mk II preamplifier upgrades

Classé announced the Delta PRE Mk II in the last week, which is an upgrade to its predecessor. This is a high-end preamplifier that has a new digital front end that allows the user to use the HEOS streaming platform used by Denon and Marantz, among others.  This gives the Classé PRE Mk II access to Tidal, Amazon HD, DNLA, Roon and many more.  Interestingly HEOS does not currently support Qobuz.

Delta PRE Mk II

Delta PRE Mk II rear has impressive input and outputs

The Delta PRE Mk II has 2 x XLR, 2 X RCA and 2 x phono stages with both MM and MC cartridges supported.  There are also, 2 USB, AES/EBU, 3 coaxial and 3 optical digital inputs.  There is also a 4K-compatible HDMI switch option.  A five-channel digital EQ is included in there too with a headphone option.  Output is to 5 x XLR and 5 x RCA options.

The Classé Delta PRE Mk II is available today for £11,000 / $12,000 / €12,000 from selected retailers.

Importantly, owners of the original Delta PRE can upgrade their unit to specification for £2,600 / $3,000 / €3,000.

About Classé

Classé passionately explores the best technical solutions to faithfully reproduce sound with the dynamics and detail contained in each recording. Classé elevates listening for audiophiles and audio professionals via the application of decades’ worth of experience, proven technologies, carefully selected components, and superior craftsmanship. For Classé, audio is a burning passion, the endless pursuit of transformative experiences, and a vast technical expanse to be explored.

Delta PRE Mk II

Delta Series monoblocks with the Delta PRE Mk II preamplifier

Delta PRE Mk II

Delta PRE Mk II with Delta stereo power amplifier

Introducing the new Delta PRE Mk II preamplifier.

Delta PRE Mk II preamplifier, detail

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