Austrian Audio announces Full Score one headphone amplifier availability

Austrian Audio announces Full Score one headphone amplifier availability

Full Score one

The Composer headphones, with the Full Score one.  There is an RCA input if you want to hook up a turntable to the amplifier

Good news this week from Austrian Audio on the availability of their Full Score one headphone amplifier in the UK and EU. Austrian Audio considers the amplifier the perfect partner to their The Composer premium headphones.  These headphones are 22 Ohms and feature a 49mm driver design.

The Full Score one features Austrian Audio’s True Transient Technology, which claims to offer superb ‘clarity and detail’ through the design. There is a fully analogue amplifier circuit, biased to Class B with a ‘high-speed’ push-pull configuration in the gain stage, offering ‘minimal noise’.

Inputs to the Full Score one include an RCA pair and an XLR pair, outputs are to 2 x 6.35 mm jacks and there is an XLR4 option behind the slider at the front.

Austrian Audio CEO Martin Seidl said:

Our technical approach to our first headphone amp was comparable to building a very low-noise power amplifier. The Full Score one handles low-impedance headphones down to 10 Ohms and highimpedance, low-sensitivity headphones with over 300 Ohms.

The unit is just 2.8kg in weight and is 220 mm x 265 mm x 65 mm.   The Full Score one is priced at €1,499 and £1,299. You can place your order now, availability in the United Kingdom will commence in April 2024.  The Composer headphones are £2,249 in the UK.

Full Score one

Full Score one, rear

Full Score one

Full Score one, front, behind that slider at the front is an XLR 4 output

About Austrian Audio

Austrian Audio opened its doors in 2017 following the closure of the AKG offices in Vienna and set out to create something new, challenging, and respectful of its heritage. The new company started with a core team of experts from the former brand in management, acoustics, electronics, test and measurement, mechanical design, RF/wireless and software/firmware, bringing 350 years of cumulative engineering experience to the new company.  For more information about Austrian Audio and its products, please visit Made in Austria: Austrian Audio continues the longstanding Austrian tradition of designing and manufacturing high-quality, durable audio equipment.

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