153 – Five Leaves Left

153 – Five Leaves Left

Nick Drake

Is Nick Drake the original Noah Kahan, Ed Sheeran, Cat Stevens, Passenger, or Amos Lee? Maybe Scott Walker, Donovan, or Tim Buckley were the first singer-songwriters with meaning, however, this feels like something different.  There is a wonderful shyness to these songs that feels stripped back and unpretentious, unlike some of the contemporary stuff we’re getting overexposed to these days.

Drake was working with Pentangle’s bass player Danny Thompson as well as a couple of the Fairport Convention crowd who helped out with various arrangements. The pedigree was clear but sadly Nick Drake did not live to see the impact his wonderful songwriting would have on future generations.  He passed away at just 26 with just three albums completed.

Bryter Layter, Drake’s second album, is quite similar (same producer) but the third album, Pink Moon, has a dark edge to it that is interesting. Overall, the reality of Nick Drake is greater than the myth. For me, these recordings are very clean indeed and they all have a ton of resolution, helped by this stereo system that is singing at the moment (see below).  Next up it’s Dusty.


Track Listing

Time Has Told Me *
River Man *
Three Hours
Way to Blue
Day Is Done *
Cello Song *
The Thoughts of Mary Jane
Man in a Shed
Fruit Tree
Saturday Sun

* Definitely listen to these


Album – Five Leaves Left
Artist – Nick Drake
Record Label – Island
Producer – Joe Boyd
Released – 1969
My Rating – 8.9
Time – 41m 40s
Tracks – 10
Genre – Folk

Source – Qobuz (24-bit, 96kHz)
Player/Streamers/DAC/Preamplifier –Auralic Aries G1 transport/iFi Pro iDSD DAC
USB Interconnect – Atlas Arran USB with Grun – review to follow
Interconnect – Atlas Mavros Interconnect with Grun
Preamplifier  – Moor Amps Angel-Pre
Power Amplifier – Moor Amps Angel 6
Loudspeaker Cable – Atlas Mavros with Grun
Loudspeaker – Kudos Titan 505
Next Album – 154 – Dusty In Memphis

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