Reference System – Day 8

Reference System – Day 8

Reference System

Mavros loudspeaker cable with Rhodium plugs.  Yes! I know I have cable the wrong way round but it has been that way since unboxing! I’m sure it is run in well now!

Reference System, Day 8 has loudspeaker cables at its centre.  The Reference choice here is the Atlas Mavros loudspeaker cables.  Why?  Firstly they are here and in regular use and they offer this existing system optimal performance in this reviewer’s ears in an outright shoot-out against other available options.

These options include, among others, the Kudos KS-1 cable, Black Rhodium Charleston cables and the Tellurium Q Ultra Black II which were such a revelation back in July 2021.  Although these cables are at differing price points and, importantly, performance profiles, the choice of Mavros is specific to this system in particular and reflects many hours of listening, considering and swapping around.   I would only add that the Tellurium cables are irreplaceable in this reviewer’s home setup that features heavily Naim’s old Classic pre and power amplifiers, not the new shiny stuff.

The cable choice is also linked to an ongoing project here at HF&MS where we are looking at an upgrade to some older Mavros cables that do not have the Grun earthing system with that said system, thus offering customers the opportunity of upgrading their existing cables without the need to replace them.  In a throw-away world, this feels very positive indeed.

The Mavros range of cables sits in Atlas’ upper echelon of cables with the Arran and Asimi lines and above the Hyper and Equator lines which offer many price points.  Finally, the Element range offers Atlas’ greatest value. Over the many reviews here at HF&MS with Atlas Cables, they have always offered consistent performance and have repeatedly matched well with the amplifiers under review.

See you tomorrow for the next instalment of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

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