Reference System – Day 6

Reference System – Day 6

Reference System

Michell GyroDec

Happy New Year, it is Day 6 of the Twelve Days of Christmas Reference System feature, where we feature the reference turntable here at HF&MS. This choice is left field, mainly because the turntable is here and it used in reviewing most days. It is the Michell GyroDec.  At this moment it is this reviewers’ lounge for Christmas however it usually resides on a spiked Kilshaw plinth in the listening room.

This particular Michell GyroDec is an SE, without the plinth arrangement.  It has been rebuilt from a particularly broken state, the springs have all been replaced, as have the O rings, the belt, the bearing and bearing oil as well as replacing the broken Rega Armplate (in my case).   The turntable has the upgraded HV power supply with it which is helpful.  It had the Orbe Platter upgrade but this has been misplaced as it was returned to its original owners a few years back.  The turntable though is in fine health as we speak.  It will return to review duties in the new year.

This Michell GyroDec is fitted with a Rega RB303 Tonearm with a moving magnet Exact cartridge on loan from Rega.  The Phono stage is a Rega FONO which is fit for the job.

Although this turntable has not been reviewed, for a number of reasons, the turntable offers excellent timing and clarity with the cartridge/FONO combination here.


Vertere DG-1S

The Kilshaw plinth spike detail, in this case with the DG-1S

One might have expected the Reference turntable to be a Best of 2023 Vertere DG-1S or the  Rega Planar 10 however this reviewer can afford neither.

The Cambridge Audio ALVA TT v2 would also be a worthy turntable in this category with its very clear moving coil output and excellent build quality.

Day 7 will follow and we wish you best wishes for the new year.

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