147 – Tommy

147 – Tommy

The Who

Tommy by The Who is a classic, apparently. Ken Russell’s Tommy film tells the story of ‘a deaf dumb and blind kid’, (played by Roger Daltry). Tommy gains enlightenment through music and pinball, and becomes a pinball champion and cult leader after being abused variously by his Cousin Kevin (played by Paul Nicholas) and Uncle Ernie (played by Keith Moon, The Who’s drummer), both of whom have tracks on the album. Tommy starts a religious movement that ultimately fails and his fame wanes at the end of the film after several set pieces.

I have not seen the film for a long time now but I recall playing the vinyl copy on my father’s Dual record deck, AKAI amplifier and a pair of huge Wharfdale speakers endlessly as a child. I loved it then, but now I find the album to be rather patchy with no real flow for me.  Sure Pinball Wizard is great and Acid Queen is a winner (played epically in the film by Tina Turner) but this album leaves me fairly cool.  Put it this way, I’m looking forward to Miles Davis next, then Abbey Road.


Album – Tommy
Artist – The Who
Record Label – Polydor Records Ltd
Producer – Kit Lambert
Favourite Tracks – I’m Free, Pinball Wizard, Acid Queen
Released – 23 May 1969
Rating – 7.2
Time – 3h, 24m, 02s
Tracks – 70
Genre – Rock Opera

Source – Tidal Connect (16-bit, 44.1kHz)
Player/Streamers/DAC/Preamplifier – Naim NSC 222 with NPX 300 PSU
Interconnect – Atlas Mavros Interconnect with Grun
Power Amplifier – Moor Amps Angel 6
Loudspeaker Cable – Atlas Mavros with Grun
Loudspeaker – Kudos Titan 505
Next Album – 148 – In a Silent Way, Miles Davis

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