TOZO S3 smartwatch

TOZO S3 smartwatch

Let’s have a quick look at a Smartwatch. This one is the TOZO S3 smartwatch. As the owner of a regular, rather special automatic watch, I have been sceptical about smartwatches and the idea of wearing one in addition to a normal one makes me feel like I’m wearing handcuffs. Still at £40-50 on Amazon, this is the ideal mechanism to see if smartwatches work for people like myself. As an aside, I was hugely impressed with TOZO’s Openbuds which received an Outstanding Award and the TOZO Golden X1 earbuds, so TOZO, at their price point, is doing a great job.


This TOZO S3 smartwatch is very aesthetic, Apple-like in size and appearance and boxing experience. This T3 does most of the bits you would expect, heart rate, steps, sleep and the like as well as phone calls, WhatsApp messages, and email if you sync them. It connects with Bluetooth easily and the battery is a good 300mAh that is doing seven days for me, easily. It is also waterproof in the shower.

The App is excellent, intuitive and useful. I’m sure an Apple/Garmin-type watch will do more but as a basic smartwatch, this is fine.


The watch is nicely presented with a plastic/rubber style feel, like an Apple watch. The spare strap tucks in the underside of the opposing strap which is fine. The screen is 4.65cm diagonally across

TOZO S3 smartwatch

TOZO S3 smartwatch App setup is dead easy

and offers 240 x 284 dpi. The watch is touchscreen and pretty easy to navigate.

The USB charger is unusual in connection terms but fine.


Review Equipment

I’ve used the S3 with my Pixel 7 Pro for a month. It is comfortable, light and excellent physically. I would prefer a fabric strap if I was going to use it long term as I get a reaction to the plastic/rubber feel strap on my skin.

Setup was a breeze with the watch directing me to the App via a QR code.

The App

The App is excellent, intuitive and functional. It is fun to play with after a period. I’ve enjoyed mucking about with the watch screens, of which there are many, and

TOZO S3 smartwatch

S3 App summary

they’re all free (see some of them at the bottom of the review). In the App, you can turn on notifications as needed, so Gmail, WhatsApp and phone calls can all be managed. On the health page, there is a selection of measures including heart rate, blood oxygen (how does it do it?), exercise records and steps. There is a ‘Women’s Health’ option that I think measures menstrual cycles.


My review sample came with a useful 60% charge so I was up and running promptly which was nice. After a few days, I put it on charge whilst I hopped in the shower. A 20 min charge from 44% made it full which is impressive. A full charge from <5% a week later took just over an hour.


TOZO S3 smartwatch

S3 steps monitor

I walk the dog a few times a day, so I look at my steps daily on Google Fit on my Pixel 7; I regularly top 12,000 steps a day on the Pixel. However, the T3 recorded,

consistently 20-25% more steps than my phone, which makes sense as it collects all my movements, in the kitchen and the like. This is good to know. When you select ‘Walking’ at the beginning of a walk the App and the phone record your exact movement if you allow it for greater accuracy.

On the Activity side, there is no Rowing choice, this is a major failure as I am not a runner, snowboarder, skateboarder, etc!! I did ask the help desk who responded with a holding email about developments and updates.


Calls to the Pixel are good fun and the speaker on the side of the watch, though shrill, works well. You can just hold it to your mouth like ‘Inspector Gadget’, it is very useful if you’re cooking or busy with something else.

In the Shower

I had no water issues with the S3.


TOZO S3 smartwatch

TOZO S3 smartwatch sleep monitoring

The Sleep App records Deep Sleep, Light Sleep and R.E.M. I have no idea what these are, nor do I care but it is interesting, I’m sure. I was unable to get my ‘Quality’ above ‘80’, whatever that means, even when I was knackered and didn’t have a drink in me. I’m left thinking if I care, at the end of the day, I don’t but some will appreciate it, I’m sure.


If you’re not sure about smartwatches… this is a cheap way of getting into it and knowing if an exercise watch is for you

For me, I need ‘Rowing’ on the S3. However, this is not a big deal I guess for most purchasers. If you’re not sure about smartwatches, like me, this is a cheap way of getting into it and knowing if an exercise watch is for you. I’ve done it, worn it etc. It is not for me. But I have no doubt this is a decent one in the scheme of things, at this price.

Choice of free watch screens
Heart Rate
Price point

Intuitive App
General Comfort, light weight

I need rowing on the activity tracker.


TOZO S3 smartwatch

Configure your watch screen with a large selection of free options

Full details are on the company’s site.
Available from Amazon at £50 now (Nov ’23), they’ve been £40 at certain points.

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