Reference System – Day 4

Reference System – Day 4

HF&MS Best Ever

HF&MS Best Ever

Day 4 of the Twelve Days of Christmas features the reference preamplifier here at  It is, quite inevitably, the Moor Amps Angel preamplifier (Angel-Pre), it is a reference because returning it was quite out of the question after the Angel 6/Angel Pre review.  The Moor Amps Angel preamplifier is passive, meaning there is no gain, a simple ALPS potentiometer controls volume, though this is motorised for remote use.  The remote control is THE best remote in the HiFi industry, hewn from a solid block of aluminium sourced from the very core of Mercury!

The key to passive preamplification is that the Angel-Pre adds nothing and there is no colouration imparted by the simple process of managing the

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audio signal path. Gold relays are used to manage the switching processes contained in the Angel-Pre.

We said in the review;

…could not advocate enough the matching Angel preamplifier for its simplicity and organisation.

The Angel-Pre and the Angel 6 power amplifier are Reference quite simply because of the absolute transparency delivered by the combination.  Moor

HF&MS Reference System

HF&MS Reference System

Amps has won everything there is to win at HF&MS and they will continue to do so as long as this editor has ears.


It is fair to say that there have been very few preamplifiers here at HF&MS, indeed the arrival of the Naim NSC 222 over Christmas was a reminder this is the first preamplifier here for quite a while.  A New Year resolution is to explore preamplification more, and I’m sure to enquire with the likes of Valvet and Townshend of whom we have heard very good stories.

See you tomorrow for the Reference System power amplifier, there are NO prizes for guessing what it will be!

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Moor Amps Angel 4

Moor Amps Angel preamplifier is the perfect partner for the Moor Amps Angel amplifiers

Reference System

Moor Amps Angel-Pre rear with remote control

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