HF&MS Best of 2023 – Vertere DG-1S turntable

HF&MS Best of 2023 – Vertere DG-1S turntable

Vertere DG-1S

Vertere DG-1S in situ

The third HF&MS Best of 2023 Award goes to Vertere with their ‘Outstanding’ DG-1S turntable.  The turntable is stunning to look at and sounds even better, as we noted in the review.

We said of the DG-1s;

…a joy to look at as well as listen to, Vertere’s DG-1 is an outstanding turntable package without a doubt.

We also concluded;

…this DG-1S is just a very joyful and tactile experience…

Yes, it was the music and the musicality of this turntable that won the day, both back in July, and today.  Well done Vertere, it will be exciting to hear the DG-1S turntable with the new cartridges announced last month, building on the Sabre cartridge.

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