HF&MS Best of 2023 – Hylixa Signature

HF&MS Best of 2023 – Hylixa Signature

The Nu-Vista PAS features their valve-based hybrid Class A amplification. The Musical Fidelity should be a good match as the Hylixa needs a bit of a shove with an apparently low 82dB (2.83V/m) sensitivity. I’ve retained the Atlas cables at this point.

Hylixa Signature x Moor Amps Angel 6

The first HF&MS Best of 2023 award goes to, unsurprisingly, the Node Audio Hylixa Signature loudspeakers. They were stunning, whether driven by the Moor Amp Angel 6 or the Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista stereo power amplifier.  HF&MS had the privilege of having a factory tour of the Node Audio high-tech manufacturing facilities where each pair of Hylixa is born.

With the Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista power amplifier, HF&MS said;

This is pure music, pure pleasure.

And we said of the Helical Transmission Line;

…the bass response here from the Hylixa is sublime, deep, and effortlessly controlled.

Congratulations to Node Audio for their wonderful loudspeaker, and on an HF&MS Best of 2023 award.

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    We have listened to Nodes recently at Ascot, oh boy. When eyes were closed, they disappeared in the room, all we could hear is crisp sound, multiple layers with clear separation and rock-hard bass. Bravo

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