McIntosh reveals MQ112 Equaliser

McIntosh reveals MQ112 Equaliser

MQ112 Equaliser

MQ112 Equaliser

Having just received the epic McIntosh MA352 hybrid integrated amplifier I’m tuning myself into McIntoch’s style and take on HiFi. The MA352 has a five-channel equaliser on the front, something I’ve not often encountered with amplifiers, and now I get news of their MA112 equaliser.

The MQ112 Equaliser is an 8-band equaliser between 25Hz and 10kHz, McIntosh claims this can obviate the need for;

tinkering with room treatments, speaker placement, or even reorganizing the entire room to optimize the acoustics of their sound system,

As well as allowing;

enthusiasts to fine-tune the mix and balance of frequencies to craft the ideal sonic profile for any listening space – or compensate for the imperfections in vintage recording.

Interesting.  McIntosh President Charlie Randall says;

The new MQ112 puts McIntosh’s powerful EQ capabilities in a standalone unit, giving listeners more options to customise and fine-tune their system’s equalisation than ever before, we are excited by the possibilities that the MQ112 offers audio enthusiasts to take control of their sound.

Inputs are balanced or unbalanced with the same on the output side (see below).

The MQ112 Equaliser will be available through authorised McIntosh dealers beginning October 2023, retailing for £3,745 / €3990 / $3,000 USD.

McIntosh is distributed in the UK by Fine Sounds UK

About McIntosh

McIntosh Laboratory, Inc. is the premier American designer and manufacturer of high-fidelity audio equipment. Founded in 1949, McIntosh products are handcrafted by experts passionate about creating an unmatched sonic experience. From its factory in Binghamton, New York to all corners of the world, the McIntosh blue meters have become a symbol of quality audio and continue to own the premiere position in home audio entertainment for discerning listeners. Powering events like President Lyndon Johnson’s inauguration speech, world-renowned concert systems like Woodstock, the Grateful Dead’s Wall of Sound and Despacio, McIntosh has shaped some of the most important moments in music and culture. McIntosh gives music enthusiasts the power to create their ultimate sound experience.

MQ112 Equaliser

MQ112 Equaliser

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