Marantz launch networked CD player and integrated amplifier

Marantz launch networked CD player and integrated amplifier

Marantz CD 50n

Marantz CD 50n rear with HDMI ARC and digital output as a CD Transport

Marantz has today announced a new networked CD player called the Marantz CD 50n with an all-analogue MODEL 50 integrated amplifier. The Marantz CD 50n features a 32-bit ESS Sabre DAC with a bunch of in-house Marantz Digital Filters enhancing the sound.  The Marantz CD 50n is the digital centre of this new release that also has HDMI ARC built-in for TV and gaming use.  The unit can be controlled with Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify, and Tidal and it features the HEOS control system.

The Marantz Model 50 has 6 analogue inputs including a MM Phono stage.  It claims 70 Watts/channel of high current Class A/B power.

Marantz MODEL 50 integrated amplifier rear


Marantz’s new CD 50n and MODEL 50, are both available from October 24th for £1,600 each at and from selected retailers.

About Marantz

Marantz was founded in 1953 by Saul Marantz with a simple philosophy: getting the listener as close as possible to the original recording. Marantz’s love of music inspired an uncompromising ear and eye for detail and led to the development of products that would define excellence for generations of listeners. Tantamount to Saul Marantz’s original mission, Marantz product design, materials and components result in the Most Musical Sound to this day. Your music always sounds better on a Marantz. Learn more at

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