Chord Company Burndy upgrade for Naim Audio

Chord Company Burndy upgrade for Naim Audio

Burndy upgrade

BurndyT upgrade

Chord Company started life as a DIN-to-RCA interconnect for an American Naim Audio retailer, over dinner one evening.  Now, nearly 40 years later (it was Sally Gibb who was at that dinner in 1984!), Chord Company is offering two new Burndy upgrades for Naim Audio owners, called BurndyX and BurndyT.  The BurndyT replaces Chord’s previous model and the BurndyX offers a cable upgrade at a more accessible price point.  The new models are built on Chord Company’s proprietary XLPE insulation technology.

The BurndyX cable is handmade to order and features multi-stranded silver-plated OFC conductors with high-density, silver-plated braid and foil combination to manage high-frequency interaction. The BurndyT is also hand-built to order and features Chord’s flagship Taylon-insulated conductors as well as the multiple screens required to shield high-frequency interaction.  Both Burndy cable connector pins are terminated with Chord’s ChorAlloy-plated system that claims to offer improvements over gold and silver plating techniques.

Chord Company is offering a Bridge shorting plug upgrade that can be used on unused power supply ports with Naim Audio equipment.

Price and availability

The BurndyX is designed to connect all compatible Naim Audio products, including the 12-way and 23-way- (Type 3 and Type 4) equipped models. Chord Company Burndy cables are available now in a wide variety of configurations priced from £880 (BurndyX) and £1,760 (BurndyT); Bridge £500.

About Chord Company

Burndy upgrade

BurndyX upgrade

Chord Company is the UK’s leading high-performance A/V cable manufacturer. The company has been painstakingly designing and hand-building superior audio cables in Britain, for discerning customers in over 50 countries, for more than 30 years.

Chord Company is driven by an uncompromising desire to make music ‘live’, regardless of source. The Chord team takes enormous pride in delivering this goal, resulting in class-leading cable products, whether standard or bespoke. In-house design and manufacturing provide complete control of the production process, guaranteeing consistency and creating a family of cable products that thousands of music lovers choose to enable their audio systems to perform at their very best.

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