Focal Bathy Dune finish

Focal Bathy Dune finish

Focal Bathy Dune

Focal Bathy Dune

News today of a new finish that was announced for the Focal Bathys called the Dune finish.  Released last October  ’22 the Bathys have become a popular high-end noise-cancelling choice for many.  This new finish, described as “mellow and harmonious”, is in a natural beige shade but retains materials such as the magnesium in the yoke and genuine leather on the headband, that was used in the Black/Silver version.

There is no mention in the press release of the second part of the epic Denis Villeneuve Dune saga due out soon, which was my first thought.

The integrated USB-DAC mode enables full hi-resolution reaching 24-bits/192kHz on given tracks via a supplied USB C cable.

A new feature for the Bathys, both Dune and Black/Silver, is the introduction of the Mimi hearing test, which will be available via the Focal & Naim app.

The Mimi hearing test;

allows users to configure the sound delivered by Bathys according to their hearing, thereby allowing them to enjoy the Focal sound regardless of their test results. In other words: Bathys adapts to everyone’s hearing!

Both Bathys and Bathys Dune are available from a range of retailers, including Selfridges, priced at £699.

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