Chord Electronics’ Poly streamer/player – new firmware upgrade

Chord Electronics’ Poly streamer/player – new firmware upgrade

As a Chord Poly user with the Mojo 2, we’ll be upgrading the Poly later today with the GoFigure App.  The HF&MS Poly has just come back from holiday where it has been poolside (main picture) and has been essential listening on the move.  With the summer offer concluding soon, the upgrade will be a welcome addition, particularly for Roon users. The new firmware upgrade includes:

  • easier switching between Roon and other playback methods, such as AirPlay or DLNA/UPnP
  • ability to access up to 1 TB micro SD cards
  • improvements to Bluetooth and AirPlay
  • some other fixes and updates for the Poly.

Poly and Mojo 2 on the desktop

The update rolled out yesterday (16 Aug 2023) and is free.  You’ll need to make sure you have the latest version of Gofigure (v1.2.133 for Android) and (v2.12 for iOS) before installing any firmware updates.



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