TOZO Golden X1 Wireless Earbuds

TOZO Golden X1 Wireless Earbuds

TOZO Golden X1

TOZO Golden X1 with LDAC support

On the move, who doesn’t need wireless earbuds with ANC? Here then we have another entrant into this huge market dominated by Apple and their AirPods, by default.


These TOZO Golden X1 wireless earbuds have 12mm carbon nanotube diaphragm dynamic drivers and balanced armature drivers by Knowles. They claim to go down to 12Hz (the ear can only hear to 20Hz, though the human body can feel less) and the armature drivers peak at 44kHz (also inaudible by the human ear).

The X1s have LDAC HD Audio-decoding technology, which can stream 24bit/96khz music via Bluetooth at speeds up to 990 kbit/s. The Bluetooth is 5.3 codec and the X1s are IPX6 waterproof.

The case has a digital LED display showing the charge in each bud. The case charges with USB C or wireless charging. The battery in each bud is claimed to have 8 hrs of life and 32 hours with the case charging on the move. The X1s have the usual ear touch controls on their outside.


TOZO Golden X1

TOZO Golden X1 detail

The styling is rather on the cool side with a gold TOZO logo on each bud. The buds do have a plastic feel, they are light but feel well-made. The case similarly is plasticky but then, everything is these days and AirPods do seem to be getting lighter.

The box has that usual array of 6 different silicone and other tips.

In the UK on Amazon, they are priced at £149.



Review Equipment

I’m using a Pixel 7 Pro listening mainly to music and podcasts.


have been faultlessly reliable in connection

I’m walking twice daily, a long way with the dog. Additionally, I’m frequently on the rowing machine listening to music, etc. The buds are light, easily paired and have been

TOZO Golden X1

TOZO Golden X1 App is excellent

faultlessly reliable in connection. I have had only a few instances of them falling out. Basically, they’ve been brilliant.

Tozo App

The App is excellent with these earbuds, allowing you to tailor the sound to your listening, there is a graphics equaliser in the App. There is a hearing test too that you can take that highlights any sound perceptions you may have, or otherwise, using AI.

The App also allows you to tailor the level of ANC adjustment to your needs. The wind noise reduction is not effective for me, simply dulling the sound.

Audio performance

TOZO Golden X1

TOZO Golden X1 out of the box

clean and clear with warm vocals

Overall, I’m very impressed with these buds from a sound perspective. The bass is low and controlled, I like it. The equaliser is always fun depending on the music but overall the listening is clean and clear with warm vocals.


There is a solid, … above average, audio performance here

There is nothing to find fault with, if these are on a shortlist in your research, these could be a really good choice. There is a solid, I’d say above average, audio performance here, the connection has been faultless throughout and the battery life in the pods is excellent. Wireless charging is perfect,  and these days essential.

I do have the Grell TWS/1 with the Sound ID App more often than not on a walk and for recording my audio on YouTube. These TOZO Golden X1 are at least as positive an experience.


Well worth a consideration if you are in the market for earbuds with excellent connectivity, a great App and an above-average audio sound.

Connection flawless
Good sound
App Control excellent

Digital charge display
Wireless charging

Nothing to find fault with here

TOZO Golden X1

TOZO Golden X1 with Knowles drivers


Full details are on the company’s site.

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