Munich High-End 2023 News round-up

Munich High-End 2023 News round-up

Munich High End


It is Munich High-End this week and there is a bunch of News to round up, so here we go.


This week announced a new IO-12 state-of-the-art headphones that offer, they claim, true Hi-Fi sound, read more here.  DALI is also celebrating 40 Years of loudspeaker innovation and this week they have announced a new  EPIKORE 11 loudspeaker, boy does it look good! EPIKORE 11 will launch in August 2023 priced at $60,000, £39,998, and €39,998 per pair.


Munich sees MOON debut its North Collection for the first time in Europe.  On display is the MOON 791 network player/preamplifier coupled with the 761 power amplifier. More details are here.

Atlas Cables

Atlas has announced at Munich High-End the launch of a new Atlas Element Streaming Cable, a new plug upgrade for their high-end Mavros and Asimi RCA cables as well as tonearm RCA and Atlas Arran SC USB A-B improvements.

HiFi Rose

Munich High-End

HiFi Rose RS130

HiFi Rose has this week announced the RS130, which will be the flagship streaming transport from the Korean group.  Details and pricing are set to follow this summer.

Harman Luxury Audio

Harman Luxury Audio is also in Munich with a new upgrade to the iconic JBL L100 loudspeaker, as well as the L82.  They are now called MkII. The JBL L100 Classic MkII retails at GBP £3,998 / Euro €4,500 / USD $4,800 (per pair).

Beautiful. One day JBL!

 Naim Audio

Naim is celebrating its 50th Anniversary with a new classic-looking Nait 50 limited edition amplifier,  Full details are here. There are only 1973 boxes being built.

Naim High-End

300 Series launched

Naim has also announced this week their latest Classic range upgrade with a new 300 Series that features a new NSS333 streamer, a NAP 350 power amplifier, an NVC TT phono stage, an NPX power supply for the NVC  TT  and a NAC 332 preamplifier. Full details are here, prices are eyewatering but you just know it will be amazing.


Munich High-End

McIntosh ML1 MkII loudspeaker

McIntosh has announced a new  ML1 MKII Loudspeaker at Munich too, it is an update to the brand’s original 1970s ML1.  It looks like a classic design to me with an MSRP in the UK of£14,000.  Looks pretty good to me.

Chord Electronics

Chord Electronics has launched at Munich High-End a new ULTIMA 125w/ch (8 Ohms) integrated amplifier. The ULTIMA INTEGRATED is available to pre-order from Chord Electronics’ ULTIMA dealers now (shipping September) for £8,500.

Sonus faber

Finally, today, Sonus faber is announcing a new second generation of its Stradivari loudspeaker.  Priced at £45,000 this launch coincides with their also celebrating 40

Munich High-End

Sonus faber Stradivari

years in the industry.  The Stradivari is available in red, wenge, and graphite through authorized Sonus faber dealers beginning June 2023 for pre-order.

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