Newsletter #26 – March 2023

Newsletter #26 – March 2023

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Welcome, everyone to Newsletter #26. A look at the latest articles and developments on HF&MS and a look forward to what is coming up. Hopefully, you will have noticed that a few YouTube video links appeared recently as HF&MS is looking to boost numbers and profile with HiFi and Music related videos.  The volume of information moving towards YouTube makes it a must-use channel for sharing information.  We will continue with both for the time being but please like and subscribe to the channel to see what we are up to. The YouTube channel will contain a fair amount of news going forward and you may have seen Moon’s 250i update, Western Electric’s entry into the UK as well as the HF&MS Bristol Show highlights reel.

Latest Reviews

Triangle's Duetto loudspeaker

Inlaid plaque on Triangle’s Duetto loudspeaker

This month has seen a review of the elegant Triangle Magellan 40th Anniversary Duetto loudspeakers.  The French flair for detail was there and they sounded at least as good as they looked.  We liked the tweeter performance and the class-leading binding posts.  We admired the Duetto as precise, accurate and capable.

Many of you may be coming to the Audio Deluxe Show at Whittlebury, near Silverstone, this weekend.  We have done a preview video here.  One room to go to is the Imola Room, put on by Absolute Sounds. The system in there is looking like it costs over half a million pounds, I hope they have some room treatment in there!

If you cannot make the show, we will have a Show Review video and maybe a walk-through video too.

Coming Up

Reviews coming up after the Whittlebury Show Review video will include a look at the PSB Alpha iQ BluOS-powered loudspeakers.  There will also be a review of the fantastic (plot spoiler) Rega ELEX amplifier.  The Kudos Titan 505s will get a review as well in the coming period after an extended loan spell.  Hopefully, they will be here long enough to help with the review of the Black Rhodium Charleston loudspeaker cable, which is currently on a burn-in.

New Videos Coming Up

As well as the Whittlebury Review Video, we are planning a video on the PSB speakers, maybe also Titan.  We have an ultimate system video coming as well that is part of the ‘Celebrating Ten Years’ series here at HF&MS.


We have been enjoying some older music, notably David Byrne’s Rai Momo.  At the last Newsletter Philip Selway, Radiohead’s drummer released Strange Dance, it is a fine piece of work.

There have been a few more Musical Interludes Playlists here at HF&MS.  The Triangle Duetto playlist is here on Qobuz, and the PSB playlist sneak preview is here.  There are three Ttan 505 playlists currently, the Tidal Classical Music playlist is here.  The other two have more conventional songs but this is one of three, reflecting the time and joy of the Titan 505 loudspeakers.  These Titan playlists are on Tidal as the Naim NAC-N 272 doesn’t take Qobuz, although we do know the new £5,700 Classic NSC 222 does! No sign of a trade-in deal from Naim then?

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