Cyrus Audio announces new XR power supply

Cyrus Audio announces new XR power supply

new XR power supply

Cyrus Audio PSU-XR

Excellent news from Cyrus Audio of their new XR power supply, called PSU-XR.  The power supply is designed to enhance all of the products in the new XR range including the i9-XR and the excellent  HF&MS Product of 2022 the CDt-XR.  Of particular interest will be its use with the forthcoming Blu-OS XR Streamer.  Output voltages will be digitally controlled from the new XR power supply to offer a low-noise solution to the XR range of products.

Ceri Williamson, Head of R&D at Cyrus Audio says;

The PSU-XR is our best-performing power supply, capable of providing up to 60% more power than the award-winning PSX-R2 and due to its revolutionary design, is up to 50% more efficient.

Chris Hutcheson, Head of Marketing, adds;

The sonic improvements made when connecting the PSU-XR to a host XR product have been outstanding in our opinion, however, as with every Cyrus Audio product, we encourage you to take some of your favourite music to your local retailer and let your ears convince you!”

The PSU-XR is available now, priced at £2,395 / €2,895 / $2,850.

Cyrus will be at the Bristol Hi-Fi show from Friday 24th – Sunday 26th of February 2023.

About Cyrus Audio

Cyrus Audio is an internationally acclaimed, high-end audio brand based in Cambridgeshire, England. ​ The company has been at the forefront of the audio scene for nearly 40 years. Having launched the original Cyrus One amplifier back in 1984, it quickly established itself as a company providing outstanding quality for the most discerning of music-lovers, and it has been designing and manufacturing award winning audio products ever since. Cyrus is proud to be one of the few remaining independent British brands, with their range of integrated amps, CD players, power amps and power supplies continuing to be manufactured in the UK. ​

Its talented R&D team has been responsible for several industry firsts over the years, and it continues to push technological boundaries in pursuit of bringing a better music experience to its customers. ​ The brand’s key focus is on ensuring that the emotional content of the music is captured, which is why listening to music on a Cyrus system is a truly engaging and uplifting experience. ​ Cyrus has also gained a reputation for products that have a stylish, compact design and, because they can be upgraded, provide lifetime value for the customer.

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