HF&MS Best of 2022 – Escape M1 Air

HF&MS Best of 2022 – Escape M1 Air

Escape M1 Air

Escape M1 Air, shown next to a Google Pixel 6 Pro for size comparison only

The tenth and final HF&MS Best of 2022 award goes to one of the cheapest and most stunning streaming revelations of 2022, the Escape M1 Air. It is an absolutely sparkling streaming option at just £200, the onboard DAC is as clean as a whistle so the Escape M1 Air even doubles as a streaming DAC. HF&MS said in the review:

Brilliant execution of a simple idea, not a new idea, done superbly at an unbelievable price for the quality of the output. This is just a streaming winner, get one, or two;

Congratulations to Escape for the M1 Air and on an HF&MS Best of 2022 award.


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