HF&MS Best Ever – PMC Twenty5 26i

HF&MS Best Ever – PMC Twenty5 26i

PMC Twenty5 26i

The PMC Twenty5 26i midrange driver

The Best of HF&MS Ever moves onto a loudspeaker selection. In January 2017 the Focal Sopra No.2 was absolutely epic, the Kudos Cardea Super 20A in Active setup were also amazing, and so too the Dali Menuet, I think a floorstanding big brother would be well worth a listen. The Triangle Antal was an unexpected delight but probably the most satisfying loudspeaker overall here at HF&MS has to be the PMC Twenty5 26i. The journey through the Twenty5i range has been a good one, all the way up from the Twenty5 22i. Of the PMC Twenty5 26i, HF&MS said;

…the speakers melt into the rear wall

And lamenting their departure HF&MS said;

it is better to have heard and returned than never to have heard at all.

The Tidal playlist from the review is still in regular use, such was the time spent building all seven hours of it. It was the hardest thing to return the loudspeakers to PMC and not enquire about a price but such things are to be challenged.  It may be the Kudos Titan 505 here at HF&MS will challenge the PMC Twenty5 26i, until then these are the HF&MS Best Ever loudspeakers.

Congratulations to PMC on the Twenty5i range, on the PMC Twenty5 26i in particular, and on receiving an HF&MS Best Ever award.


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