HF&MS Best Ever – Chord Electronics Hugo 2

HF&MS Best Ever – Chord Electronics Hugo 2

Chord Electronics 2go

Chord Electronics 2go with the Hugo 2 makes the ultimate transportable HiFi setup with a pair of T+A Solitaire P headphones

The next HF&MS Best Ever award goes to the Chord Electronics Hugo 2, still, the DAC to beat in most, if not all circumstances.  Desktop, travelling or into a preamplifier the Hugo 2, with the 2go, is probably the most frequently used piece of equipment here at HF&MS and when headphones arrive the first stop is always the Hugo 2. The matching 2go turns the Hugo 2 into a streaming DAC and, being battery-led, the resulting platform is free of undue electrical noise.

Incidentally, Chord Electronics offer the 2yu that connects to the 2go making the two of them a streaming transport (some might call it a digital network bridge) to offer a digital source to another DAC, if you don’t have a Hugo, I guess.  This streaming transport is also something used frequently here at HF&MS being a clean way of listening to other DACs.  In the 2go review HF&MS suggested:

….if I were starting on my audio journey again…. I might have opted for this Chord Hugo 2/2go arrangement and be done with it!

However, this award is going to Hugo 2 only, what a brilliant piece of HiFi joy.  In the review, HF&MS concluded:

In my view, if you want a proper high-end audio experience, with a decent pair of headphones, what can give you a better and more immersive sound for this price?

Is there a Hugo 3 due next year? Let’s hope so.  If so USB C connections, and then a new USB C 2go to match will be needed.  But, like the award-winning Mojo 2, don’t change the electronics too much, they’re fine as they are.  Oh, and I don’t really need any more filters if I’m honest.  Though some preset memory buttons might be helpful!

Congratulations to Chord Electronics for an HF&MS Best Ever award, the Hugo 2 is still the one to beat.

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