HF&MS Best of 2022 – Vertere MG-1 MkII

HF&MS Best of 2022 – Vertere MG-1 MkII

Vertere MG-1 MkII

Vertere MG-1 MkII on a bespoke homemade plinth

More awards today’s HF&MS Best of 2022 award goes to the Vertere MG-1 MkII. Yes, the MG-1 came out a few years ago but this is the Mk II version with a few little tweaks. The turntable is near perfect and HF&MS said in the review in May:

A turntable will only be as good as its weakest link, and in the Vertere MG-1, there just don’t seem to be any. Timing and precision are the keys here and they add up to deliver a sublime vinyl audio experience.

The Vertere MG-1 MkII had the Mystic MC cartridge and the Vertere Phono-1 stage, not to mention the Challenger Power Supply upgrade.  It is pretty hard to think how good the Super Groove or Reference Groove could be if they are further up the Vertere range. The turntable was so good

Congratulations to the maestro Touraj and to Vertere for the MG-1 Mk II turntable, and on an HF&MS Best of 2022 award.

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