Astell&Kern launches A&ultima SP3000

Astell&Kern launches A&ultima SP3000

A&ultima SP3000

A&ultima SP3000 detail

Astell&Kern has today launched a flagship portable music device, the A&ultima SP3000. In addition to this, in partnership with Empire Ears, there is a new flagship ‘next-generation, luxury in-ear monitor’ launched called Odyssey.

A&ultima SP3000

Astell&Kern claim the SP3000 is the first portable player with a watch grade 904L stainless steel body. It also has the very latest in high-performance audio circuitry. In a game of many two halves, the A&ultima SP3000 has separate circuitry for the balanced and unbalanced circuits. Additionally, the new flagship AK4499EX DAC chip from Asahi Kasei has separate digital and analogue signal processing. Finally, the A&ultima SP3000 is available in black or silver finishes.

The SP3000 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 6125 Octa-Core processor and support for high-resolution aptX-HD and LDAC wireless streaming.

A&ultima SP3000

SP3000 with its watch-style crown control, in black or silver watch-grade 904L stainless steel

In respect of formats, the SP3000 supports MQA, Native DSD 512 and various streaming-service connectivities; it is Roon ready. The full spec is here.

The Astell&Kern A&ultima SP3000 is available to pre-order from specialist retailers now, with a suggested retail price of £3,799.

Empire Ears Odyssey

The Odyssey

The Odyssey features a laminate facia that produces colour transitions as the viewing angle changes

The Odyssey features the latest technology combined by A&K and Empire Ears to offer a ‘precise and powerful sound’ through its 10-driver Quadbrid system, yes 10 drivers! There are twin subwoofers in the design and a 7-way synX cross-over network.

Dean Vang, Founder of Empire Ears, commented:

The Odyssey has been an extraordinary adventure in engineering, and it’s forced me to focus on new technologies and unconventional processes. The idea was to build an IEM of extremes, one worthy of bearing both the Empire Ears and Astell&Kern name. No half measures. No compromises. We had to use everything in our arsenal to break new barriers.

The Odyssey will be available in Q4 2022 from specialist retailers at a retail price of £3,499.

The Odyssey has a claimed frequency response of 5Hz-100kHz

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