Newsletter #19, July 2022

Newsletter #19, July 2022

Exile on Main Street

Exile on Main Street opens with Rocks Off and doesn’t let up from there

Welcome to Newsletter #19, still coming your way despite a lovely review break in July. Notwithstanding this, there has been no let-up in great music here at where we are revelling in the 60th Anniversary of the Rolling Stones.  We have, though been focussing on the middlish albums. Is there a better album than Beggars Banquet, opening with the incredible Sympathy for the Devil? Maybe Let it Bleed is better, again opening with the imperious Gimmie Shelter? Or maybe Sticky Fingers is more rounded, opening with Brown Sugar? Then Exile on Main Street came out! Where does that rank in their canon of work? Whatever you think, there is no denying the Rolling Stones are one of the greatest bands ever and that five-year period at the end of the sixties and the beginning of the seventies must be one of the most creative periods in music ever. It seems incredible that Keith Richards is still going and his lucid ‘My Life as a Rolling Stone‘ documentary on the BBC iPlayer is a real must-watch if you love guitar music.


This month there have been reviews of the Triangle 40th Anniversary Antal floorstanding loudspeakers and the ELAC Uni-Fi Reference standmount loudspeakers, that offer superb value for money at such a competitive price point of sub one thousand pounds.   There has been a good deal of good news too this month, not least from favourites Vertere and Exposure, amongst others.

Coming Up

Meze Audio

Meze Audio ADVAR in-ear monitors, review coming

This month will see a review of the Meze Audio ADVAR in-ear monitors that are simply a must-listen.  Additionally, there will be a review of the very good-looking Dali Menuet Special Edition loudspeakers that totally belie their diminutive looks.  Look out for that soon. Of note on the Dali site is their comparison function which makes for interesting fun if you are a reviewer or interested in their huge range of loudspeakers.  There will also be a review of the Acoustic Energy AE109.2 floorstander coming as well.   We also have the AE100.2 smaller standmounted loudspeakers for a feature coming up this summer on putting together different systems at given price points.   Other products in the pipeline soon will be new equipment from Cyrus and NAD, can’t wait.


Ben Harper

Ben Harper’s Bloodline Maintenance

This month has seen some really interesting, and good, new music.  Hot on the heels of Joe Webb’s Summer Chill album is Ben Harper’s Bloodline Maintenance, a super laid-back groove with 70s, Tarantino vibes.  The Kathryn Williams release this month was also featured on the front page of HF&MS. Also of interest has been Jack Whte’s new album with a good deal of piano which is interesting. Finally, this reviewer has been delving into the back catalogue of Liberty Ships which are on Tidal here.  Listen to All Good Now and Calle Thea.  




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