Newsletter #17, May 2022

Newsletter #17, May 2022

Welcome to the HF&MS Newsletter #17, especially all new subscribers here. After a stellar April, May has continued in the same vein with reviews of some stunning HiFi products including Veretere’s Magic Groove turntable.

New Video

This month saw the second of the new videos we are hoping will expand HF&MS readership, though we’re still learning the videos are fun to make and they focus the mind on content and messaging.  The latest video focused on the Active Crossover project that featured the Kudos Cardea Super 20A loudspeakers.  The YouTube link is here.

New Reviews in May

Vertere MG-1 MkII

Veretere’s Magic Groove turntable with Naim electronics

This month has seen reviews of some fabulous products, especially the Vertere Magic Groove turntable.  This turntable featured the Vertere Mystic moving coil cartridge and we had the use of Vertere’s Phono-1 phono stage.  With the rather rudimentary HiFi rack used here, a larger plinth was needed and we came up with a bespoke solution using some kitchen worktop offcuts glued together with some zinc inserts and steel spikes to nestle the turntable securely in place.  There was a hint of rumble before the new plinth was put in place but everything settled down to the lowest of noise floors with this bespoke plinth that is weighing in at nearly 20kg.  It has been a real privilege to listen to the finest turntables, it is hard to imagine how the Super Groove could improve on this setup.

Other new reviews this month included new mobile partners with the Mark Levinson No. 5909 wireless luxury headphones that have seen consistent use since and also the new Grell TWS/1 in-ear monitors from Axel Grell.  In fact, Mark Levinson No. 5909 have moved into the lounge and is being most frequently used wired in a passive setup.

Finally this month, a review of the Exposure Electronics 3510 integrated amplifier was published.  Exposure 5010 monoblocks featured heavily in the Active project, referred to above.  The 3510 is a fine performer and HF&MS said:

Exposure just seem to do the basics really well with an understated design philosophy, centred on what’s inside their box of electronics

This week saw HF&MS say goodbye to the fantastic Leema Sirius Server, it has been fine company in the listening room.  Another great British company doing the basics really well; the DAC/server will be a big miss.

New Music

New Music took an upturn with the release of a new album from a new band called The Smile.   The band features Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood, with Nigel Godrich producing, all from Radiohead but with Tom Skinner from Sons of Kemet on drums.  It is receiving mixed reviews but this listener is all in with a vinyl version on pre-order and coming later this month.

Other new music enjoyed this month includes Harry Styles’ new album, Harry’s House, and Jazz is Dead 12, though this reviewer is still enjoying JID 10.  Another new release came from Arcade Fire, though this hasn’t gained a great amount of traction here. Sadly the departure of Will Butler after this album may change the dynamic of Arcade Fire but let’s see what comes next.

Coming Up on HF&MS

With the recent review of the Exposure 3510 fresh in the mind, we have the new Rega Elicit Mk5.  They are both priced in that two thousand ish plus bracket and with firm audiophile journey credentials.  We will also have reviews of the terrific Elipson W35+, which has a plus on it now with some new features.  Finally, look forward to a review of the new Cyrus CD Transport from the XR range.  Cyrus is reborn with the XR range and the transport has happily arrived with their i9 XR integrated amplifier that is in the three thousand pounds plus bracket, looking forward to that.

Finally, some new speakers to listen to here at HF&MS include the very attractive Triangle 40th Anniversary floorstanding Antals and just arrived are the full range Eclipse TD510ZMk2.  Last but not least you will need to look out for the review of the new ELAC Uni-fi Reference Series bookshelf speakers that need to be heard to be believed; at £750 a pair, see below, they too look great.


Uni-Fi Reference UBR62

ELAC Uni-Fi Reference UBR62 Bookshelf Speakers

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