Silent Angel Announces an Enhanced Stable Linear Power Supply

Silent Angel Announces an Enhanced Stable Linear Power Supply

Silent Angel

Silent Angel, F2 linear power supply

If you have not yet heard or seen, Silent Angel, I suspect you may well do in the coming months. Silent Angel has just announced an ‘Enhanced Stable Linear Power Supply’, called the Forester F2. It is tailored to complement their range of streamers and transports, network switches and the like. Their range of products includes the Munich M1 Streamer, the Munich M1T Transport Bridge, as well as a Music Server solution, called the Rhein Z1 and a Network Music Streamer, called the Bremen B1. They also have a range of ‘Bonn’ network switches with a host of gigabit outputs.

The Forester F2 linear power supply has four DC outputs ranging from 5V to 12V and two 5V USB ports for power output as well. The F2 electronics are housed in 8mm think Aluminium panels front and back, designed, Silent Angel claims, to effectively diminish possible machine noises and physical vibrations.

Chorus Chuang, the CTO of Silent Angel says:

The Forester F2 employs versatile DC outputs for our users’ benefit. Given that power source is a very crucial factor in pursuing the ultimate Hi-Fi journey, especially in a rather hi-end audio system, every little interference may alter the expected result; thus, we designed the Forester F2 to help improve power signal quality. By making it highly stable and accurate, it’s a true guardian for your lossless music enjoyment.

About Silent Angel

Silent AngelSilent Angel is about innovative Hi-Fi streaming. We aim to provide music lovers with the purest audio quality possible by building residential Hi-Fi streaming networks with quality components. Our ultimate goal is to help users enjoy a better life by obtaining better sound quality.

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