Newsletter #15, March 2022

Newsletter #15, March 2022

PowerHAUS S6 Power Distribution Block

The Chord Company PowerHAUS S6 Power Distribution Block

A little light weekend reading for you this week, reflecting on a very busy March. This Month I went to a first product launch for several years at Chord Company in Salisbury.  This was the launch of the PowerHAUS S6 and M6 power distribution block.  The receipt of the S6 block was timely as I was able to swap it into the Active Crossover Project that has been running here at HF&MS.  The first two articles in the Kudos Super 20A loudspeakers and the setup piece explain the project.  The final piece on the Kudos Cardea Super 20A with an External Exposure Active Crossover will come in the next two weeks.  This project has been an unbelievable privilege and honour to run, lookout for a new video on the project too.

Reviews this Month

This month has seen reviews of the aforementioned Kudos Cardea Super 20A loudspeakers in ‘normal passive mode’ with the Moor Amps Angel 6 as well as the Chord Company PowerHAUS S6 which offered me demonstrable improvements with the active system as well as with a more affordable Naim Uniti Star, where I said in the review:

…there is a tangible uplift in performance here.

I also signalled the end of the floorstanding loudspeaker in my review of the fantastic REL S/510 subwoofer where I wondered if buying a standmount loudspeaker and a subwoofer could deliver more than a floorstander.

Sendy Audio Apollo planar magnetic headphones

Other reviews this month were of the Highly Recommended Sendy Audio Apollo headphones and the very capable Audiolab 6000A Play streaming amplifier which is still in use, until collected!

Coming Up

In the next month, there will be reviews on the Chord Mojo 2, the new Cyrus Pre XR (with the Cyrus Stereo 200), as well as the terrific new Tradutto DAC from Earmen.  As well as these reviews there will also be a look at the Leema Sirius Music Server that has integrated into my life so easily I’ve forgotten to write it up but it has been just a perfect piece of faultless networked equipment.

First Up, next month will be ‘Something for the Summer’, with the Escape P6BT Bluetooth Speaker which is a slightly smaller (and cheaper version of the fantastic P9), reviewed a couple of years ago and much-missed until the new P6 turned up!  The P6 is brilliant, in the garden, on the patio, in the

The Escapre P6

The Escape P6BT portable speaker

kitchen and in the office.

Also, watch this space for a review of the Vertere MG-1 with Mystic Moving Coil cartridge, it is HiFi perfection.

New Music

There is some great new music coming up, from the likes of Arcade Fire (post Will Butler?), Calexico, Jack White (next month) Kurt Vile, whom I really enjoy, and Harry Styles (same).  This month I have enjoyed the new Marillion album, I was there for Script for a Jester’s Tear (in 1983!), and especially Ego Ella May’s Fieldnotes Pt II, Introvert Hotline is a wonderful track.

An Hour Before It’s Dark, Marillion’s 20th album

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