Chord Company launch PowerHAUS blocks

Chord Company launch PowerHAUS blocks


The PowerHAUS S6 is £1,000 and is available now

Breaking News today on two new six-way power blocks for audiophiles that have been launched today by Wiltshire based Chord Company. The power blocks, called PowerHAUS, benefit from 38 years of experience and a new version of their ARAY technology, called MainsARAY technology. These power blocks are uncompromising and the M6 and S6 blocks are notably stealth, black with no lights, switches, indicators or filters. The power blocks are constructed from aluminium to minimise electrical noise caused by the tiniest of mechanical movement.

Chord’s research showed them the best configuration for a power block would be with three isolated bus bars running in parallel (in other words, not serial, or star wired), reducing contact and high-frequency noise; they also realised that isolating the earth bar from live and neutral improved the sound quality derived in testing.

The flagship M6 offers the highest performance and utilises three hybrid MainsARAYs, one each on live, neutral and earth.  The S6 offers many of the M6s core features at a lower price point.   The HAUS in PowerHAUS reflects this ARAY technology and stands for Hybrid ARAY Unfiltered Supply.

The PowerHAUS M6 flagship is £2,000 and the S6 is £1,000, they are available now

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