HiFi Rose RSA780 CD Drive Announced

HiFi Rose RSA780 CD Drive Announced

HiFi Rose RSA780 CD Drive

HiFi Rose RSA780 CD Drive can be used as a CD player or a CD ripper

News, last week of a new CD drive announced by Henley Audio, the new HiFi Rose RSA780 CD Drive. Offered to the market to complement their brilliant range of streaming DACs, the HiFi Rose RSA780 CD Drive is a dedicated low noise, isolated CD drive that can both play and rip to a HiFi Rose integrated or attached storage device. We had the RS250 Streaming DAC in July and it was an absolute blast and so much fun.  The HiFi Rose RSA780 CD Drive uses a USB B port for a higher quality signal transfer and to keep the signal as clean as possible.

The HiFi Rose RSA780 CD Drive is available in the UK now, is available in Silver and it costs £349.00.  Henley Audio is the main retailer for all things HiFi Rose.

About HiFi Rose

HiFi Rose aims to take you “beyond audio”. It makes products that not only sound exceptional but are also a joy to experience in both aesthetics and operation. The flagship RS150 sets the standard for this aim and delivers on all fronts one of the most innovative streaming devices the hi-fi industry has seen in recent years. HiFi Rose is a division of Citech, a Korean software company that was originally founded during the 1960s. HiFi Rose assembles all its products in Korea.

About Henley Audio

Henley Audio has been importing and distributing industry-leading hi-fi equipment to the UK and Ireland since 1997. With a passion for great sound and a firm focus on brand integrity, we work to deliver excellence in both product and service. Formed as the result of a management buy-out of Ortofon UK, Henley Designs Ltd. (trading as Henley Audio) operates in-house sales, marketing, service, support, and warehouse teams to offer the full turn-key solution for suppliers. The brands we represent are not only highly regarded in their own right, but they also share a symbiotic relationship with other brands in our portfolio. For more information, visit www.henleyaudio.co.uk

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