Elipson adds wood finishes to Chroma 400 turntables

Elipson adds wood finishes to Chroma 400 turntables

Chroma 400 turntables

The Chroma 400 turntables feature a carbon fibre tonearm, shown here with the gloss red model

Elipson has this week announced two new wood finishes to Chroma 400 range of turntables. The finish is a real wood veneer and is available in Oak or Walnut (main picture). I reviewed and really liked the 100 Omega BT in March 2017. The Chroma 400 turntables retain the same carbon fibre tonearm that is so good to look at and the Ortofon OM10 cartridge.

The range features a standard turntable, one with a built-in phono stage and a Bluetooth option, which also has a USB out for recording purposes, etc.  The MSRP’s are listed as follows:

Standard Chroma 400 – £479.99,
Chroma 400 RIAA phono – £549.99
Chroma 400 RIAA with Bluetooth – £599.99

Available from all Elipson Approved Retailers.

ABOUT Elipson

Created in 1938, Elipson is the oldest French manufacturer of hi-fi installations. A pioneer in sound innovation, Elipson has ceaselessly sought to set new standards by introducing a number of patents which have revolutionized the world of contemporary acoustics. The internal resonator, along with the acoustic phasing and symmetrical loading techniques, are still used by a number of the brand’s competitors today. Based in Paris, Elipson is internationally recognized for its original designs. Its “cult” models have adopted a spherical shape and a reflector to create a distinctive sound signature to match their unique sculptural design. Impossible to classify, Elipson belongs to an exclusive circle of acoustic loudspeaker manufacturers committed to offering designer objects. Additionally, Elipson produces in-wall speakers, portable speakers, consumer electronics and the turntables, proudly Made in France. Designed and built in France, the Elipson turntable is a testament to exceptional craftsmanship. In Bourgogne, teams of passionate experts ensure Elipson turntables are manufactured with the same amount of care and attention to detail.

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