Two new Sonus faber models launched

Two new Sonus faber models launched

Two new Sonus faber models

The Lumina II in walnut

Sonus faber has this morning announced a new standmount, Lumina II, and a floorstanding flagship, Lumina V. The full Lunmina range now features five models, two standmounts, two floorstanders and a centre, and this gives the opportunity to create a full A/V solution from the Italian brand. Sonus faber says the Gravis subwoofer models I, II or III offer a perfect match for the Lumina series in an A/V set-up.

The Lumina II builds on the Lumina I, reviewed here on HF&MS, but has a bigger cabinet and a 150mm mid range driver.  It can be used as a two channel solution or as a rear option in an A/V solution within a bookshelf or as a standmount.

The Lumina V is the new flagship in the range, it has a new lute shaped chamber derived from historic brand characterisation first implemented in the 1990s.  This chamber maximises structural rigidity, claims Sonus faber, and reduces standing waves.  The Lumia V also features Sonus faber’s hybrid IFF crossover.

The mid/high crossover network ‘Hybrid IFF – Paracross Solution’ combines Interactive Fusion Filtering, first introduced in the Maxima Amator, with the Paracross Topology™, where reactive components (capacitors and inductors/coils) are placed on the negative rail of the circuitry. The resulting benefits include a reduction in the drivers’ back EMF (Electro Motive Force), allowing them to operate in a maximally interconnected and organic way, while lowering the crossover’s sensitivity to radio frequencies, further improving sound quality.

Two new Sonus faber models

The Lumina Range has three finishes

There are three finishes available, walnut and wengè with maple inlays, plus piano black, the cabinets are finished in black leather.

The new models are available now priced as follows: Lumina II (standmount) £999; Lumina V (floorstander) £2,499

Sonus faber is distributed in the UK by Fine Sounds UK

About Sonus faber

Sonus faber’s handcrafted audio products celebrate music in accordance with pure Italian tradition and have the power to transport listeners into a world of timeless Italian tradition, culture and craftsmanship.

Italian violin-making tradition and classic culture are part of Sonus faber’s DNA: its creations are crafted like real musical instruments and offer authentic made-in-Italy excellence.

Based in the picturesque town of Arcugnano, Vicenza, the company famously employs creative technicians; inventors of new design solutions. Skilled craftspeople assemble Sonus faber’s ranges following traditional processes; every detail is carefully considered to evolve into designs that become everlasting works of art.

Two new Sonus faber models

Sonus faber Lumina V in wengè with maple inlays

The heritage of Sonus faber is entrusted to the hands of these artisans who seamlessly combine their know-how with the legacy of values which have been preserved throughout the brand’s history.

Distinguished sound is the result, allowing the listener to immerse in a natural musical experience. Sonus faber preserves the integrity of its roots while evolving its craft through the use of innovative materials, intense design research and electro-acoustic solutions.

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