HF&MS Newsletter #5 June 2021

HF&MS Newsletter #5 June 2021

Summertime… and the lockdown is easing…fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high…

Record Store Day is on both June 12 and July 17 this year

There may be a little slowing down in the HiFi industry as the sun returns but there is no let-up in activity with Record Store Day coming this Saturday (12 June & 17 July 2021). I’ll be likely making my way to Head Records in Leamington to see if I can find the 7” Fleet Foxes choral version of Can I Believe You from their wonderful dream pop album Shore that features the Resistance Revival Chorus.

I will also be looking for Tom Petty’s cobalt blue vinyl RSD release of Angel Dream and Ocean Colour Scene’s vinyl release of Saturday. I saw OCS at the Assembly Rooms in Leamington a few years ago after they released Saturday where they gave a full run-through of the magnificent Mosely Shoals, so there is a bit of a connection there too.

A full list of Record Store Day releases is on the official site, here.

HF&MS is ticking along nicely and there will be a few updates coming to the site in the coming weeks as we seek to improve the site. If you have any suggestions, do please contact the site.

PMC twenty5 24i

PMC twenty5 24i with full length grille are delightfully understated

Since Newsletter #4 we have heard some rather nice speakers, notably my Editor’s Choice PMC Twenty5 24is, the ‘Highly Recommended’ Kudos Cardea C10  and the lovely laid back Elipson Heritage XLS 15 ‘compact speakers’. We have also reviewed the high specification Novafidelity N25 and the Meze RAI Solo in-ear monitors that have become a daily companion to this Editor.

We are actually still listening to the Kudos Cardea C10 in conjunction with the up and coming review of the Chord Electronics Choral Étude Stereo Power Amplifier, they are a fine partnership. Other reviews that are coming soon include an early look at the new Tellurium Black II XLR cables that were only released a few months ago. The cables will be reviewed with the excellent Chord Étude and, hopefully, an Auralic Vega G2.1 so I will have a rather revealing balanced system to listen to the cable performance.

Further future reviews to look for will include a look at the thus far fine performing Leema Acoustics Pulse IV that is a very flexible digital and analogue integrated amplifier. We will also be reviewing a pair of JBL L82s in the coming weeks, they are the standmounted baby brother of the L100 Classics that are celebrating their 75th Anniversary this year.

New Music

There is some good new music around that we have highlighted in our Qobuz box on the front page, notably jazz dudes Sons of Kemet with Black to the Future and the brilliantly produced Sensational by Eika Casier. Also, on rotation in the office is Chemtrails over the Country Club by Lana Del Ray, which just gets better and better, particularly if you have a rather special HiFi to play it on. Currently, this week we are also enjoying the summer vibe of Blue Lab Beats with We Will Rise.

Have a great summer in the months ahead. Don’t forget to like or follow our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds where the unboxing pictures often go!

HF&MS Team

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