Streaming specialist HiFi Rose arrives in UK

Streaming specialist HiFi Rose arrives in UK

Audio distribution specialist Henley Audio has announced that it will be distributing and providing support for Korean-based audio brand HiFi Rose. The new to the UK brand will introduce hi-fi fans to two streaming components including the RS201 E streaming DAC amplifier priced at £1,749 and its flagship RS150 network streamer set to retail at £3,899.

Managing Director of Henley Audio, Laurence Armstrong, said of the new relationship:

We could not be more excited about handling the UK and Ireland rollout of the HiFi Rose brand. What their team have produced is a truly exceptional user experience, housed in products that deliver both acoustically and aesthetically. Integrating the control interface through touchscreens in the way they have (while still also delivering a full-feature app for remote control) is truly unique, and there is almost no aspect of the musical signal they are not in complete control of.

Since our first experience with their products, we have been instant fans, and we believe there will be many new enthusiasts popping up across the UK as the RS150 and RS201 E begin to spread through our dealer network.

HiFi Rose

The HiFi Rose RS 201 E all in one system

HiFi Rose RS201 E – Just add speakers

The RS201 E is an all-in-one streaming DAC amplifier rated at 2x 100W power output. It has a 23cm touch screen display on the front control panel and claims to give PCM file support to 32-bit/384kHz and DSD to DSD256. Tidal (with full MQA support) and Qobuz streaming music services are on board as well as support for Apple AirPlay, Roon and Spotify Connect. There is support for CD ripping to external drives connected by USB.
Input and outputs include networked connectivity and Bluetooth. There is additionally HDMI output with support for 4K video.

Premium streamer

The RS150 is classed as the company’s premium network streamer. It has a large 38cm front panel LCD touch screen while internally a Hexacore processor runs the software and a Asahi Kasei VERITA AK4499EQ DAC is said to support Velvet Sound technology. As with the 201E, Tidal (with full MQA decoding support) and Qobuz streaming services are integrated along with support for AirPlay, Roon and Spotify Connect. There is also support for CD ripping to external drives connected by USB.

Android and iOS apps control functionality, services, radio playback and podcasts – a full list of features for both models can be found via the links below.

Sean Kim, Director of Communication and Media Sales at HiFi Rose says of the new UK and Ireland distribution arrangement:

We hope that HiFi Rose’s entry into the UK market will bring new pleasure to music lovers. We hope you enjoy the original high-quality music provided by HiFi Rose products with 4K video.

You can experience HiFi Rose components at the following dealers:

Premium Sound – London
Hi-Fi Lounge – Biggleswade
Midland Hi-Fi – Wolverhampton
Ripcaster – Near Reading
Home Media – Maidstone

RS201 E product brochure
RS150 product brochure
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