Paradigm launch Founder range of loudspeakers

Paradigm launch Founder range of loudspeakers

Is it me or are speakers getting better looking these days? Canadian loudspeaker specialist Paradigm has launched a new range this week called Founder. Distributed in the UK by Pulse Cinemas, the range consists of one standmount and three floorstanding speakers as well as two centre speaker designs, pointing at the AV market and offering flexibility in system building generally.

I had the Paradigm Persona 3Fs for an extended period and they were exceptional speakers, they too were part of a system build or Audio Visual range. These Founder speakers draw on the technologies developed by Paradigm but they are a little more affordable than the Persona range. It looks to me as if the driver technologies, which are based on aluminium, magnesium and ceramic material are enabling the range to be more attainable ahead of the Beryllium driver based Persona range.

Scott Bagby, Founder and CEO, said:

“The Founders Series is a strong accomplishment for Paradigm. We are combining an iconic design, sound that has astounding clarity along with a delicate and believable realism, and a sonic impact that will send shivers down your spine.” Bagby continues: “I am immensely proud of our development teams’ devotion to produce a line that clearly exceeds all expectations.”

Paradigm launches Founder

The Founder 70LCR can be placed either horizontally or vertically

The Founder range consists of three floorstanders, 80F, 100F and a hybrid active/passive 120H.  There is also a Founder 40B standmount and a 90C centre speaker.  The 70LCR can be mounted vertically or horizontally as a centre speaker upgrade.

Pricing is as follows per cabinet: 40B £1,199.99; 70LRC £1,699.99; 90C £2,649.99; 80F £1,899.99; 100F £2,699.99 and 120H £4,299.99.

The Founder range introduces several new technologies including new driver technologies, new cabinet bracing applications and a new Advanced Shock Mount system for the cabinet that isolates it from the floor with new feet on the floorstanding range.

The range of speakers is available in walnut or black walnut veneer, midnight cherry or a high gloss piano black finish.

The UK distributor is Pulse Cinemas, which I visited a couple of years ago.

About Paradigm

Since 1982, innovative design, advanced materials, in-house manufacturing and state-of-the-art engineering have made Paradigm an international leader in speaker design. With more than 400 industry awards for audio excellence and numerous rave reviews from around the world, Paradigm is committed to staying at the leading edge of speaker technology, consistently achieving the ultimate in sound for music and home theatre. For more information, please visit:

Paradigm launch Founder

The new six model range of premium loudspeakers from Paradigm

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