Linn’s new flagship Klimax DSM streamer

Linn’s new flagship Klimax DSM streamer

Glasgow-based hi-fi specialist Linn has launched its next-generation Klimax DSM, describing it as ‘the ultimate streamer’.

The Klimax DSM network music player and preamp incorporates a key upgrade on previous designs and introduces a Linn designed and manufactured DAC platform called Organik.

Klimax DSM Streamer

The mirrored TFT screen displays playback information when in use

Gilad Tiefenbrun, Linn Managing Director says of the Klimax DSM:

“Klimax DSM is the ultimate embodiment of Linn’s passion for music and is as close as you can get to streaming audio perfection. We’ve approached every single element with exacting attention to detail, inside and out, to ensure it’s optimised for performance in every way. Since launching Klimax DS in 2007, Linn has invested substantially in people, skills and manufacturing capability, and we’ve brought that together to create our new flagship streaming product featuring the first home-grown all-Linn DAC. Organik is a momentous achievement for Linn, making next generation Klimax DSM our most natural sounding product ever. Combined with a new level of precision machined casework, and stunning visual and tactile interfaces, it’s the epitome of extreme engineering.”

The next-gen Klimax DSM showcases a new look for the DSM family following investment in the Scottish company’s manufacturing capabilities that has enabled it to fully optimise its R&D, engineering and production processes. The new design introduces a chassis machined from a solid aluminium block and its greater mass is said to improve internal damping to protect delicate electronics from both mechanical and electrical interference.

Linn says its new Organik DAC platform uses a combination of FPGA processing and a discrete conversion stage, designed to work together in perfect harmony for exceptional audio performance with support for digital audio resolution up to 24-bit/384kHz PCM and DSD to DSD256. As well as a full complement of digital connectivity including wi-fi and Bluetooth, the Klimax DSM provides connectivity to analogue sources via a new ADC (analogue-to-digital convertor) for complete integrated control of all sources including the company’s iconic LP12 turntable via a Urika II phono stage.

The Klimax DSM is also available as an AV variant for home cinema enthusiasts that’s equipped with HDMI inputs and eARC (enhanced audio return channel) for connecting to smart TVs. Additionally, the Klimax DSM is joined by a new Klimax System Hub designed to work with the company’s Exakt technology. It is housed in the same chassis style and supports both the Audio and AV Klimax DSM versions.

The new Linn Klimax DSM is available to order immediately from Linn specialists worldwide and demonstrations can be booked throughout the UK (local restrictions permitting).

The Klimax DSM costs £30,000 each for the AV or Audio versions and the Klimax System Hub is £15,000. Linn says that its retail specialists will be able to offer trade-in schemes for existing Linn owners.


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