Piega Ace series launches – HiFi News

Piega Ace series launches – HiFi News

Zurich based loudspeaker company Piega has launched a new more affordable range of speakers called the Piega Ace series. Featuring the company’s signature aluminium cabinets and AMT tweeters, the Piega Ace range builds on the Tmicro series and includes a floorstander, standmount and a centre speaker. The range looks suspiciously like an AV-style set to me but there’s no matching subwoofer in the lineup.

Piega AceThe ACE 30 standmount speakers are £980 per pair and the compact ovoid-shaped design measures just 21cm tall by 14cm wide and 16cm deep. Piega says the 30 offers a ‘balanced and clear sound’, thanks to the 120mm woofer and AMT-1 tweeter (Air Motion Transformer) with a magnetic drive made of high-purity neodymium. The floorstanding ACE 50 tower speakers are £1,980 per pair and stand at around one meter tall. Designed with the same width and depth profile as the 30, the 50’s incorporate a three-way design with three MDS woofers, two for the lower frequencies, and one for the midrange, and the same tweeter. Piega says the 50 offers ‘considerably lower bass frequency extension’ and it is suitable for larger living spaces.

The range is available from late February finished in natural aluminium with a grey fabric grille, anodised black with black grille and high gloss white with a white grille. The ACE Centre speaker is set to cost £590.


PIEGA was founded in 1986 in Horgen on Lake Zurich by Leo Greiner and Kurt D. Scheuch. The company has been manufacturing loudspeakers for over 30 years with meticulous handmade parts. PIEGA always aim to have music in your living room reproduced clearly and faithfully. The loudspeaker collections timelessly simple design comes from the Swiss designer Stephan Hürlemann. Since the development of the LDR tweeter ribbon and the coaxial one Ribbon system along with the use of seamless aluminum housings, the Swiss company’s success has taken a quantum leap in loudspeaker development.

Further detail is available on their site.

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