Philips TV & Sound – online event

Philips TV & Sound – online event

It is all a virtual journey these days with new products, and today it was Philips TV & Sound.  An interesting pitch was made by Philips looking forward with Kostas Vouzas, CEO Europe, and Martijn Smelt CMO Europe at TP Vision as they took us through the first Philips TV & Sound stories for 2021. It appears that Philips, despite Covid-19 has had a good year with sales up, market share up 20% and a doubling of soundbar sales in the last year. Since we are all locked down, this might not be so surprising.

News from Philips on the audio side included a tie up with Bowers and Wilkins in future soundbar models and a new line of Go wireless fitness headphones with heart rate monitors, which I think could be a really cool idea.  Finally, I noted a new bone-conducting headphone on its way, I guess similar to the Damson bone conduction headphones from nearly five years ago.

On the TV side, Philips was making plenty of noise about ambient lighting surrounding 65″ and 75″ LED TVs with their new miniLED TV range promising blacker and inkier blacks, a key weakness with my own LG TV.

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