AUsounds launches in the UK

AUsounds launches in the UK

Ausounds is set to take the UK by storm as it releases a range of premium audio products designed by some of the most innovative minds in the music business.

AusoundsThe creative team behind the Los Angeles based brand has designed a range of earphones with leading technology and superior sound, featuring tech such as planar magnetic drivers, active noise cancelling developed to have zero effect on sound reproduction and IPX5 rating for use whatever the weather. The AU-Flex ANC model has already achieved honouree status in the 2020 CES Innovation Awards for its superior resolution and natural sound balance from its Hybrid Planar Magnetic drivers.

Made for music lovers and music creators, the range of headphones, earphones and audio signature products start from £119.95, and have already proven a big hit in the US, Canada and Japan. With a variety of models and colours, consumers can choose from in-ear and over-ear designs with features including true wireless, noise cancellation and wireless charging.

They look great and as a great walker, I’ll be very interested to see how they perform.  Apparently, what separates Ausounds from the majority of brands in the headphone market is its music first approach, it says in the press release.  Marcus Sanchez, President and CMO at Ausounds, said:


Grammy Award-winning producer Brian Kennedy

The role of music creators in the industry is tantamount to everything; this is where our sound comes from. We wanted to create a brand that addresses the many needs of creators at all levels – in their everyday lives and in their work. Using our industry knowledge and working with music influencers and leaders, we are redefining the sound of audio available to end-users and music fans everywhere.

Ausounds says it is keen to make its mark on the UK music industry and is launching a campaign to collaborate with passionate unsigned musicians, producers and songwriters from across the UK.  The brand is committed to supporting up-and-coming artists and talent, helping to drive forward the vibrant British music scene.  Ausounds is also working with music influencers and leaders, including its first brand ambassador, five-time Grammy Award-winning producer Brian Kennedy.

Alongside professionals from the LA music scene, Ausounds has brought on board an engineering team with unsurpassed experience in research and development for established brands such as Beats, JBL, Bose, and Sennheiser; winning multiple awards for audio performance and industrial design. All of the products are designed, developed and manufactured in Ausounds’ own facilities.

The team behind Ausounds is on a mission to provide premium audio products for everyday use by music lovers, at an accessible price point.

Ausounds is led by its CEO, Michael Chen, an Oxford Brookes University graduate with over 16 years of experience in audio manufacturing. Joining him is President and CMO, Marcus Sanchez, a music industry veteran who has worked with huge brands including Audeze, Universal Music Group and Monster Cable, as well as musicians like Rihanna and Usher.

Hybrid planar magnetic technology explained

AusoundsCombining a planar magnetic driver for the top and mid-range frequencies with a dynamic driver for the bass gives the AU-Flex the best of both worlds. Planar magnetic headphones use an ultra-thin diaphragm and planar coil perfectly suspended between two magnetic fields.   This configuration gives superb resolution and unrivalled clarity. The dynamic driver punches out the bass, without having to concentrate on the other frequencies and so, in effect, works as a miniature subwoofer. The result is a compact, wireless in-ear design with the performance of an audiophile over-ear headphone.

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