Atlas Cables – Zoom launch of Achromatic plugs

Atlas Cables – Zoom launch of Achromatic plugs

There is something very 2020 about a product launch on Zoom and Atlas Cables has risen to the challenge, of course.  In that same vein, Atlas is still pushing the boundaries of cable design with a simple ethos of adding nothing to the signal it is communicating.  In that respect, not adding colour is ‘achromatic’, hence the new product language.  Achromatic refers in particular to a new range of plugs Atlas has launched for its Element, Equator, Hyper and new Ailsa range.  The Achromatic Atlas plugs come as RCA or Z style (banana to me)  for the relevant cable.

Zoom Launch with Kevin Kelly

Achromatic Atlas Element RCA cable

Achromatic Atlas Element RCA cable

The Achromatic Atlas cable launch featured Kevin Kelly, Managing Director, who is your proper, hands-on engineer who knows his product so implicitly and with such clarity, it is hard not to understand the philosophy that drives Atlas Cables.  That philosophy is centred on the understanding that Atlas Cables is an Engineering and Materials Science company at its core; they just happen to love music as well.  Research and development at Atlas centres on their five pillars of cable production that are, conductor quality, dielectric efficiency, plug quality, screening efficiency and the manufacturing process itself, for example, their unwavering dedication to cold-welded, or solderless, connections.

In conversation, Kevin estimated the plug can count as much as 30% to the effectiveness of the cable and so it is no surprise the development of an Achromatic plug is so important to Atlas.  The key take away from the Achromatic development is the emphasis on the lower mass in the plug (8% in the RCA plug), the solder-free, cold welded connection and improved rifling of the RCA pin to improve the alignment during manufacture that all combine to deliver a coherent, continuous signal path.  The plug is also re-designed with a self-cleaning action.

Atlas Element Achromatic Cable

Kevin Kelly, it is fair to say, did get a little carried away time-wise talking about the Atlas Element Achromatic Cable.   This is surprising you may think as this is the entry-level cable from Atlas but it does go to prove his passion for all products, no matter where they sit in the affordability ranks.  The ‘entry level’ Element benefits from the full range of knowledge at Atlas Cables and their mutual partners at Strathclyde University.  With technology trickling down the range from Asimi range throughout Atlas it is little wonder the Element Cable is the pride of Kevin’s time.

Achromatic Atlas Hyper Speaker cable

Achromatic Atlas Hyper Speaker cable

Atlas Hyper Bi-wire

As well as RCA connections benefitting from the Achromatic technology the speaker cable range is also updated with this development.  The Hyper Bi-wire speaker cable, that I have been sent and will be reviewed in due course, been improved with a 35% reduction in mass at the plug, making a significant difference to the signal path at the speaker.

Interestingly, the cold welded process associated with the cables has enabled Atlas to continue manufacturing at home in the Covid-19 crisis confident that the crimping process can be effectively quality controlled over that say of a soldering process and all of the home based health and safety problems that could arise.

In the Hyper Bi-wire products, the mid to high-frequency conductor has a solid conductor and the low end is a stranded cable, thus affording effective signal delivery.


As well as the Achromatic product development a new cable called Ailsa has been launched this week.  The Ailsa Achromatic RCA benefits from the design thinking that was developed for the high-end Mavros & Asimi ranges.  The cable represents an ideal upgrade path for owners of Element or Equator cables.  The Ailsa cable itself has a Coaxial design and features a dual drain system that removes unwanted distortion, contributing to the screening being more efficient and therefore the signal path being less affected.


In all, for me an excellent afternoon of cable thinking in the presence of Kevin Kelly, one of the leading figures in the industry.  I’m really looking forward now to testing the new Achromatic Atlas Hyper Bi-wire speaker cable in comparison with the original Hyper 2.0 that I have with my KEFs at the moment, an ideal partner.  A little bit of noodling in these times revealed the following:

Achromatic (adjective) : without colour

At the end of the day, cables are just the most necessary of things but you don’t really want to think about them too much, I think Atlas understand this and they’re just sharing their knowledge in the product ranges that suit all budgets.  Atlas doesn’t do colour but they just do really good cables, and I’m sold.


The Hyper Achromatic is available now in pre terminated lengths. Custom lengths are available on request.

Hyper Achromatic Bi-wire speaker Z 2 -4

2.0m – £400.00 inc vat

3.0m – £450.00 inc vat

5.0m – £550.00 inc vat

7.0m – £650.00 inc vat

Hyper Achromatic Bi-wire speaker Z 4 -4

2.0m – £450.00 inc vat

3.0m – £500.00 inc vat

5.0m – £600.00 inc vat

7.0m – £700.00 inc vat

The all new Atlas cables Ailsa Achromatic is available in November in these lengths and prices. Custom lengths are also available.

Ailsa Achromatic RCA –   0.5m      £250.00

Ailsa Achromatic RCA –   0.75m    £300.00

Ailsa Achromatic RCA –   1.0m      £350.00

Ailsa Achromatic RCA –   1.5m      £450.00

Ailsa Achromatic RCA –   2.0m      £550.00

Ailsa Achromatic RCA – 3.0m      £750.00

The Atlas Element Achromatic is available in the following lengths:

Element Achromatic RCA stereo 0.50m                   £80.00

Element Achromatic RCA stereo 0.75m                   £83.00

Element Achromatic RCA stereo 1.00m                   £86.00

Element Achromatic RCA stereo 1.50m                   £92.00

Element Achromatic RCA stereo 2.00m                   £98.00

Element Achromatic RCA stereo 3.00m                   £110.00

Atlas Cables

Atlas Cables originated in Scotland in 2001 to bring high quality no-nonsense cabling solutions to audiophiles the world over. Their range of hand-made cables consists of interconnects, loudspeaker cables, digital cables and video cables (including HDMI) along with a new range of mains products. Recent technology and testing developments have meant that they can now show real answers to questions posed about the effects that cables have, and the importance of the materials used in the design. Atlas cables are priced from £45 and are available in over 30 countries worldwide.

Atlas Tel: +44 (0) 1563 572666


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