What’s on Tidal?

What’s on Tidal?

Ray LaMontagne

Definitely worth a mention in this post lockdown world is the new album from Ray LaMontagne, Monovision, that came out last week.  I’ve been a big fan of LaMontagne’s voice since Trouble and those early albums and I really loved his changeup album Supernova a few years ago.  This album is similarly back on point afterPart of the Light completely passed me by and the concept album Ouroboros caused interest, only.  Monovision, taking a musical step back, works for me across the page, listen to Roll Me Mama, Roll Me and in particular, We’ll Make it Through and see what you think.  Strong Enough is a really lovely track also.  The album is also a really nicely produced piece of work.

Worth a listen

In the lockdown, I’ve been having a belated listen to the last Harry Styles album which is rather nicely produced and has a couple of good songs, notably Falling and the summer track Watermelon Sugar.  Also rather good in my view is the album from American Aquarium that came out in January.  Listen to Me and Mine, Six Years come September and The Luckier you Get to get a feel for the album.  Lamentations features 10 tracks of Springsteenian lyrics but I really like it and it’s getting a heavy play on my dog walks, alongside Springsteen’s Darkness on the Edge of Town.  I have also enjoyed reviving slowly my 1001 albums projects and discovering Creedance Clearwater Revival and Neil Young (from whom you can hear Ray LaMontagne’s heritage by the way).

Also worth a listen is the new eponymous album from GoGo Penguin, that came out last week.  Jazzy piano greatness with a contemporary vibe.

Harry Styles

Finally, worth a watch in the post lockdown period include The Two Popes (wonderful movie), Parasite and Snowpiercer (the film version, can’t be doing with the Netflix version after the film).  Also really really good on Netflix are Hannibal (I’m watching this again) and the definitive Vietnam War documentary.

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