What’s on Tidal?

What’s on Tidal?

The Weeknd

Uncut Gems, Netflix, Must Watch!

UK Covid-19 Lockdown – Day 1.  Well we certainly have time on our hands, don’t we?   Maybe I should dust off my 1001 project?

What’s on Tidal, well the Weeknd’s new album, ‘After Hours‘ is worth a listen. It is certainly working for me whilst I’m exercising.  Most of the tracks are rather explicit which is rather offputting, he says, and the album is not as resonant, for me, as the last one.   The standout track for me is ‘Snowchild’, with brand references and name dropping that would put Kanye West to shame, but the lyrics are good though!  The most accessible track (I presume it’s a single) is ‘Blinding Lights’.  The ‘Blinding Lights Chromatics Remix‘ on Tidal is interesting too.

Whilst I’m here, The Weeknd guy, Abel Tesfaye, is in Uncut Gems, on Netflix.   The film is by the Safdie Brothers; it is a nuts, brilliant film, in the Snatch mold but better.  It is crazy, you have no idea what is happening, but it is genius and all comes together nicely at the end.  Adam Sandler needs a nomination somewhere for this role, he is outstanding.

As a huge fan (my albums of the year in 2014 & 2017) I’ve also been listening to the new material from The War on Drugs on Youtube. The demos sound very encouraging, though I skipped the live stream as I lost interest!

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Other stuff I’m into at the moment includes the album collection by Burial, who I missed last year, thanks to John Darko for this.  William Bevan’s collection of songs on Tidal are, quite simply incredible and I am mesmerised, particularly with the Paradigm speakers I reviewed last week.   I’ll have a review of the new Auralic Altair G1 streaming DAC this week or next and Burial will be all over the review, almost certainly.


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