Elipson’s Planet W35 speaker

Elipson’s Planet W35 speaker

Planet W35 speakerThis is new, Elipson’s Planet W35.  Looks great to me.  Elipson says the speaker is the culmination of over 80 years of industry experience and a 3-year Research and Development program into Omni-directional audio from a spherical shaped loudspeaker. The result, they say, sets new standards in loudspeaker performance, functionality, and aesthetic design.

The Elipson Planet W35 speaker has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless sources that can provide access to most streaming services.  The Elipson’s Planet W35 speaker offers multi-room functionality also offers the opportunity to add additional W35s  (up to 16 in fact) around the home from your Wi-Fi network connection, enabling you to play the same music in all rooms or different music in each room.

Planet W35 speakerThe Elipson Planet W35 speaker has a new App for the W35, in both iOS or Android.   The Planet W35 speaker has Alexa compatibility.

The 35cm diameter sphere has been designed with two cloth frames separated by a central band, where push buttons for on/off, source, mute and up/down volume can be found at the front, with wired connections around the back. Housed within are two 165mm mid-bass drivers with two centrally mounted 25mm tweeters, both coupled to the latest specification digital Amps.  There is an omni-directional sound with 350 watts RMS of  HD audio power.

The new Planet W35 wireless speaker will be available in the UK later this month (Nov 2019) and is available in charcoal grey at a UK SRP of £799 each.

Planet W35 speaker Specification

Power: 350W RMS
Mid-bass driver: 2 x 165 mm
Tweeter: 25 mm
Max. SPL: 101 dB @ 1m
Inputs Wired: 3.5mm analogue, Digital Optical, USB charge/update
Inputs Wireless: Bluetooth APTX, Wi-Fi
Dimensions: 350mm diameter
Weight: 9.5kg each
Max. for multi-room: 16 x W35s

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