Edifier 3000Pro – HiFi Review

Edifier 3000Pro – HiFi Review

This is my HiFi Review of these Edifier 3000Pro.  These are terrific active speakers that are very flexible indeed.  I took a bit of metaphorical ‘HiFi flak’ after ‘only’ Recommending the active Acoustic Energy AE-1s and one of the reasons was that they are similarly terrific sounding but there was not much more there other than analogue input.  I’m not a huge fan of active speakers in a HiFi context but in the context of TV, gaming and AV use they certainly have their merits, particularly compared to, say, a Sonos Soundbar or any other soundbar come to that.  These Edifier 3000Pro have digital options including Coax and Bluetooth, making them tremendous value for money.


These are Active speakers, they need plugging in with power, each one.  These speakers have a wireless connection between the left and right speakers which means there are fewer cables and this is a first in my experience.  The Edifier 3000Pro has Bluetooth V5.0 with QualcommaptX HD decoding.  They also have RCA ‘Line in’, XLR balanced, Optical, Coaxial and USB inputs.  They have certified HiRes.

The Edifier 3000Pro feature 6.5″ (179mm) aluminum alloy diaphragm bass drivers with planar silk tweeters, they certainly look good too.  


The usual high-quality finish is here from Edifier.  As I am sure I have said many times, Edifier products seem to have that particular finish that instills confidence in the product from the box.  They look good too.  There is some nice styling on the wooden cabinet.

Edifier 3000Pro

Right Speaker

Edifier 3000Pro

Left Speaker

On setting up there was a seamless pairing of left to the main right speaker that has the input connections.



Auralic Vega G1

I’m using the £3,000+ Auralic Vega G1 streaming DAC which is… still… awesome, as my source.  A bit over the top but there we are?  The G1 has balanced XLR output to the Edifier 3000Pro making it as good as it can be.  I’m still so impressed with this DAC and its flexibility, it will be horrible when it goes home finally, oh well.

XLR with Auralic Vega G1 streaming DAC

With the new Abbey Road album, the sound is big and full.  I’m not getting crisp or energetic but these guys are punchy and, like the AE-1s go pretty loud.  The 32 bit FLAC file of Hotel California on Tidal is tremendously vibrant and satisfying.


There is plenty of detail here which I’m very pleased with.  Listening to Nils Frahm’s “Solo” album, which is all about resolution because it was recorded with the piano sides removed, is a real pleasure.  Because the tracks are so clean it comes across very well in the 3000s compared to more dense tracks, such as Hotel California, say.  For this reason, I tip the speakers out of my listening room to my lounge to have a good vocal listen with the TV and Sky.


Before I do this I have a little listen to my desert island album OK Computer on Tidal.  It is a complicated album but comes across well, the snare is particularly clear and noticeable when I listen for it.

Optical out from TV, Edifier 3000Pro as a soundbar

Listening to the football, the commentary is crisp, the crowd loud.  The result is lousy!!

As suspected these are an excellent soundbar solution.  I’ve plugged the right-hand speaker up to my TV with an optical output.  It is all seamless in set-up and the left speaker just synchronises with ease and without fault.  Listening to the football, the commentary is crisp, the crowd loud.  The result is lousy!!

Bluetooth with Pixel 2xl

Today (Friday 26th Sept), The Beatles have celebrated their 50th Anniversary of Abbey Road on Tidal with their remixed album.  It is stunning, on the Tidal App, simply Bluetoothed in.  Touch the remote to Bluetooth in and everything is seamless.  It is a real bonus.


The 32 bit FLAC file of Hotel California on Tidal is tremendously vibrant and satisfying.

I’m not an Active speaker advocate if I am honest and this probably colours my judgment.  Often they have limited inputs and limited turntable options.  There is also a limited upgrade path by definition.  These Edifier 3000s really do change the dynamic, favorably, the Bluetooth and other digital options make them excellent value for money.

I have recently reviewed the Edifier Luna e25HD and the 880WDs.  These 3000s are the premium product at nearly £500 and represent a full-on competitive option versus a soundbar.  As HiFi equipment they are fine.  I would recommend these Edifier 3000Pro to anyone looking for an Active solution on a games console, TV soundbar and the like and who may want a bit more.




XLR input


Digital Options

Value for money


They had an auto-on

I liked Active speakers more

The Edifier 3000Pro is available from Amazon here.  I am an affiliate marketer with Amazon, please see my About page.

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