Monitor Audio – Custom Install Launches

Monitor Audio – Custom Install Launches

Monitor Audio has launched a couple of custom install products in the last week, including the Monitor Audio IA40-3 Amplifier.  I’m not really into the custom install side of things but this looks good, although of course, the idea is you don’t see it, I guess?

Monitor Audio IA40-3 Amplifier

First up, logically, is the Monitor Audio IA40-3 Amplifier.  This is a 2 (or 3) channel slim box for in-ceiling or wall solutions where localised audio quality is needed.  It has analogue and Dolby Digital input for 3.1 TV solutions.  It also has Bluetooth aptX which will be very useful for those ad breaks!  At 40W per channel into 4Ohms, there’s plenty of punch here too.  I’d quite like a listen to this anyway, with…..

Monitor Audio IMS-4 Music Streamer

I’ve not got a picture for the IMS-4, only a sketch of a thin box with Monitor Audio on it.  This music streamer can control 4 zones through the BluOS Controller App, which is generally excellent in my experience.  The product is MQA  compatible.  My favorite feature from the press release though is the following:   “Analogue and digital inputs allow the addition of a cable box or other non-network sources and make them available in every zone. It even includes a system interrupt feature to let doorbells and fire alarms to be heard.”  Love it!
The IMS-4 is being previewed at the Ascot HiFi Show at the end of October, where I’m sure there will be some pictures!!

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