What’s On Tidal

What’s On Tidal

It’s all change here at hifiandmusicsource.com with the coming departure of the brilliant Bluesound Node 2i and the arrival of the stunning Auralic Vega G1 Streaming DAC. Also on the test bench this week comes the new Micromega M150 integrated amplifier, blimey what a great sound (the 150 is 150WpCh to my Jern 14 DS speakers!). Reviews of both to follow.

So I find myself wandering around Tidal and what’s there? Well, the new album from Americana folk rockers Calexico AND Iron and Wine (Sam Beam) is here, called ‘Years to Burn’. Take a close listen to ‘Father Mountain’, it is a searing rambling 32 bit FLAC recording of the highest order and the Auralic Vega G1 Streaming DAC pulls every single detail from this high-quality recording. ‘Follow the Water’ is lovely too as is the title track.

Also well worth a listen is Jamie Cullum’s new album, ‘Taller’. It is an incredibly well thought out and constructed album from Cullum. I listen to Jamie Cullum’s Jazz Show every week on BBC Sounds and he has given me so much amazing music. This album is absolutely joyful, soulful and again, well produced. ‘Endings are Beginnings’ is my current favorite track.

What’s not on Tidal, Sheryl Crow’s new album, why not?

Also not on Tidal, but you must have a listen, are the ‘Hacked Mini discs’ from Radiohead.  What I can’t understand is where the ‘ideas’ for ‘Subterranean Homesick Alien’ are?  The minidisc covers are here, the mini discs themselves are on band camp.

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