Escape™P9 for the Summer…..

Escape™P9 for the Summer…..

I’ve just received an amazingly cool Escape™ P9 outdoor, waterproof, Bluetooth speaker,  you need one of these for the summer.  Retailing near £999 this is a brilliant piece of patio kit.  I’m running in a white one of these with my iPod and the review will follow in the next few weeks, watch this space.

I saw this at the Bristol HiFi.  The Escape P9 is waterproof, Bluetooth, has an 8 hour Lithium Iron Phosphate battery and it supports Hi Res with dual 24-bit DSP processors.

It weighs 12,30 kg, there’s a carry handle, and is 73 cm high and 22 cm square (footprint).

There is also a really clever flight case on wheels for transporting this summer gadget around (£99).  There is a USB slot that reads Chromecast, adding a level of interest for me too.  There’s an App too, stay tuned for my review.

See the Escape website here

About Escape

Escape was formed by husband and wife team Alain and Annick in 2015 when the design process of the P9 started. The design brief was simple; to produce the best sounding and looking outdoor speaker while having the features that would make using the speaker as much of a pleasure as listening to it. The P9 was launched in 2018 in Belgium and France initially and now sells in Holland, Germany and the Czech Republic, as well as the UK. With over 200 retailers demonstrating the P9 already on their showrooms, the product is fast becoming an extraordinary success in Europe.

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